Southern Elegance 

                      Reflections of the South

African American Figurines / Black Sculptures  

Inspired by Sketches of the 1800's

For the serious Black memorabilia collector

history is recreated through her life like figurines and sculptures.  

"Les Maraiche' Res"

A collection of hand-sculpted originals reproduced in clay. Inspired by a sketch in The Coleman's Guide to New Orleans, 1885.  Each figurine stands 5 1/2 inches in height and is set on a hand-crafted wooden pedestal. 

African American Figurines

Creole Gumbo

Red Beans & Rice

Pralines for Sale

© 1988 Jo Ann Bernard

© 1988 Jo Ann Bernard

© 1988 Jo Ann Bernard

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Sculptured Slates


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 Inspirational Sketch


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