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American Heritage Dolls 

by JoAnn Bernard



Creole Lady of French or Spanish descent

written by JoAnn Bernard

The Creole Lady, one definition is a native Louisianan of mixed blood with French or Spanish ancestry. Proud of her Creole heritage, she lived by a strict code of ethics. She was faithful to her religion and as a mother she fiercely protected her children, her family, her home, unmindful of self-sacrifice.
Her white soft skin and her long, beautiful hair accented her elegance. She had deep, dark lustrous eyes, a common trait among Creole Ladies.
The Creole Lady was inspired by Joseph Roger Baudier, Sr.'s, "Historic Old N'Orleans: Pen Point sketches," Published in the book Creole Collage, by Leonard V. Huber.

    JoAnn Bernard is a self-taught artist.  Born JoAnn Gonzales on the bayou of Delacroix Island, Louisiana, with an Islenos heritage that stems back to Spain's Canary Islands.  Her love of the beautiful State of Louisiana has inspired the Days of Old Collection, a line of Louisiana heritage character dolls.  Through research, she has reproduced Louisiana ancestry; African American, Cajun, Islenos and others in life-like forms as they were seen years ago.  JoAnn has created a complete original collection.  She sculpts the original pieces and reproduces them in plaster molds.  The face of each character is hand-painted, dressed (clothing and jewelry may vary) and positioned on handcrafted wooden pedestals and chairs to recreate photographs and sketches of the 1800's.  The body designs are unique in construction and design.  All wigs are hand-made by the artist using mohair strands.  The artist developed original clothing designs and patterns.  Props were designed and created for each individual character doll.  All clay pieces are limited editions of 500 and are numbered and signed by the artist.  Booklets and display cards are also designed by Jo Ann to include the number of the piece and a short story about the character doll.   Booklets are attached to the piece, and the display card can be framed to stand along side the piece.  Character dolls range in height from 16 to 18 inches tall.  Total height of the piece may vary depending upon position of character dolls.  A numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each character doll.

ŠJo Ann Bernard

Attached booklets contain above information

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Louisiana Heritage Dolls by JoAnn Bernard

Louisiana Heritage Dolls

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Louisiana Heritage Doll Collection 

by JoAnn Bernard

An original clay doll collection, for the doll collecting enthusiast

Learn about Louisiana Culture through this American Heritage Doll collection inspired by sketches, photographs and stories of the 1800's.

Display card and Booklets printed on aged parchment paper  

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Display card printed on aged parchment paper