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Original American Heritage Dolls

Louisiana Doll Collection

An original clay doll collection, for the doll collecting enthusiast

Original Dolls recreating Louisiana Life in the 1800's.  Learn about Louisiana Culture through this American Heritage Doll collection inspired by sketches, photographs and stories of the 1800's.  These lifelike handmade dolls have attached booklets and display cards with short historical essays about the character.  All dolls are reproduced in clay using JoAnn Bernard's plaster molds developed from her original doll designs. Doll wigs, clothing, dress designs, and props are all handmade by the artist.


Read this Harper's Monthly Magazine article, "NEW ORLEANS"

BY CHARLES DUDLEY WARNER, get a glimpse of New Orleans and it's people in the year 1887.

Learn about Creoles of Color



"Southern Belle Doll"

Click here to view close-up of the American Heritage Doll, Casey a Southern Belle


"A Creole Lady Doll"

Click here to view closeup the American Heritage Doll, Carmen, A Creole Lady

Carmen Fortier Santiago

Commissioned doll to reflect the life of Carmen Fortier Santiage an ancestor of Marie-Antoinette Langlais, read Carmen's story written by Marie-Antoinette Langlais

"Southern Belle Doll"

Click here to view closeup the American Heritage Doll, Brianne, A Southern Belle




"Louisiana Cajun Doll"

Click here to view Close-up the American Heritage Doll, Louisiana Cajun


"The Creole Lady Doll"

Click here to view closeup of the American Heritage Doll, Jeannine, The Creole Lady


"Steamboat Captain Doll"

Click here to view closeup the American Heritage Doll, Steamboat Captain



Scarlet O'Hara

story page unavailable

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Carnival Queen

story page unavailable

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Navigational tips: Click on pictures to view close ups.  From the enlarged photo page click on booklet to read a story written for the character doll.  At the bottom of the LARGE PHOTO PAGES and STORY PAGES Menu Option columns the previous and next buttons will surf you through either the large doll photo pages or the story pages, depending on the site you are surfing from. 

Thank you to Yahoo, for this platform to display my lifework. I was fearful, the character dolls, paintings and the other artwork I created would become hidden forever where no eyes could see. 

Thanks for the visit, I hope it was an enjoyable one.

Presently I am not creating my dolls, so sorry they are no longer available for sale.


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